Light it up! – Lantern Festival

The Lanternfest was one of many trips I did on my own. My personal view is that you definitely can enjoy those kinds of trips, even if it’s only on your own. I’d say it can be sort of a self-finding experience. Speaking for myself, I learned quite a lot about myself and the way I handle certain situations. For example, I am still very anxious at getting to know people…


I got to know about this event via Facebook and I was instantly interested. But clicking on the website, I got a cold shock about the prices (why is it always so expensive to do stuff…). Thanks to Google I was able to find a discount code and was able to pay only half the price!

Here is the event description:

At The Lantern Fest, thousands of revelers join together armed with lanterns for one unforgettable spectacle. Before sundown friends and families can enjoy food, live music, a stage show, familiar princesses, face painters, s’mores, balloon artists and more. Then, when the time is just right, we will light the sky with our highest hopes and fondest dreams.

Food, music and a show at the end of the evening: all of that sounded convincing enough to send me on a 1 ½ h drive through Pennsylvania (Mohnton was, were the music was playing – literally).


The park opened at 4 p.m., so I decided to start my trip a little bit later, because the lanterns were supposed to descend into the sky way later that day. My decision turned out being well chosen, since I had a reservation for my parking lot and, as a lonely wolf, it’s way easier to find your way through the crowd when you’re alone. Packed with some blankets, a jacket and a ton of mosquito repellants I got into the car. Unfortunately, the place wasn’t found easily – my navigation system and Google maps sent me nowhere near. I arrived half an hour before the main event was supposed to start! I hurried to the check-in, where a nice employee gave me all the stuff I needed to be happy: the lantern, a marker, a lighter and s’mores.

While I waited for the main event to start, I had some time on my hands. So I decorated my lantern with some cute drawings of my dog, etc. and ate my s’mores. It took a lot of time to design my lantern – I did not expect it to be that gigantic. Striking 9 p.m. I heard the announcement: „Now we’ll all put these lanterns in the sky! “ And the crowd started cheering.

I can only say one thing: breathtaking! The night sky was filled with lanterns, which were carrying messages from people up into the air. There were hopes and dreams written in all kinds of languages – starting from Chinese Characters up to Arabic Letters! Coldplay’s song “Fix you” was playing in the background; fitting well into this wholesome moment. (For your information I ignored the crying children behind me; I didn’t want this moment to be ruined.)


Result of my little adventure:

  • I would love to go again – next time with some friends
  • Driving there was very exhausting, but it was worth the effort
  • I have to take a good camera with me next time, the sight was amazing
  • Considering the prize, it should be cheaper (even though I only paid 25$, the original price was double per person!!!)

Now I can happily say, that I have crossed a thing off my bucket list and it was great to gather this kind of experiences on my own.

So don’t be afraid to do stuff alone – you might end up liking it!

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