Montreal here I come!

I totally forgot to write something about Montreal! It’s already been a month since that trip happened… oops!

The start day was 11th May: From Philly to New Jersey (one night there) and then straight to the heart of Quebèc – so about 15h sitting in a bus feeling my lower body go numb (you know what I’m talking about 😉 ) Being the spontaneous person I am I went to dye my hair blonde the morning of our travel. Luckily everything went fine and now I’m superblonde. (It’s quite decently done but the Price makes it marvellous)

Hotel Room in Montreal

Late at night I met all my classmates from College: Australia, Austria, Mexico, France, Brasil and – of course – Germany. We were 11 girls, waiting with a pissed expression on their faces, because the bus decided to come an hour later. At the end we were all exhausted when our Tourguide finally arrived. When we entered the bus with ‘Mary Poppins’ playing on the TV, the vibes didn’t go higher at all. But we had quite a sight out of the window on our way to New Jersey. I was very happy arriving in my hotel room because my roommates were girls from my class I got along with. We all fell into bed immediately.


I can’t remember much of the morning after due to less than 4h of sleep.  The only Thing I can recall is that I snug some instant oatmeal out of the breakfast room. We tried to get as much sleep as possible during the long busride. Crossing the border was very mysterious: the Americans controlled us first and that doesn’t happen often. The Canadian border control was super chill – the guy was telling me dad jokes!

After our arrival in our Montreal hotel room there was one thing that everyone was talking about: Party!! People who know me know that I’m not a person to party with but three against one is not good. Long story short we went to bars in a slightly drunk stage and my role was soon discovered: I was the mom of the group. A had a lot of fun but could’t stop hiding my face after seeing my drunk friends doing stupid stuff. (Love you Bree ❤ )

The next morning the whole class (73 people!?) went to see everything Montreal can offer: Underground City, The old Neighbourhoods, Basilique de Notre-Dame were only some of them. I met with my girls at Moosebawr (I think that was the name) later that evening – there were so many free drinks that  I found myself the mom role  again. But this way I found many new friends and met new people. I never had so much fun before!

We were back in the hotel at 2 am accompanied with hilarious conversations. But the bus ride back wasn’t funny at all. Sitting in a bus for 10h staright and not being able to sleep feels like hell. I was very happy to my hostfamily again and to show the presents that I got them.

All in all I had loads of fun and I will remember this trip for a very long time 🙂

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