Jurassic World in Philly

18.06.2017  17:55

I feel so bad and tired writing this in my pj’s, sipping on cranberry juice (having my hair in a messy bun because I don’t want to deal with it rn) and listening to DEAN’s new album “Foreigner” – which is lit by the way.



So yeah Jurassic World, how could you describe it. Probably just one word: expensive. I went there with my older hostkid on a Saturday by car and it was a fun ride – he slept through the whole drive. Finding the museum wasn’t hard, because it’s directly in the center of Philly. We had a hard time looking for the actual entrance of the exhibition, because the people decided, it would be a good thing to hide it behind 50 stand-up ads and a public toilet. But anyways it was fun and both of us had a good time.

The whole experience started with us going on a ‘boat’ (a room that was built so it looked like we were on a cruise) and us waiting for 15 mins for all the other people to arrive. As soon as the big doors were opened and we were free to go, my hostkind was startled because he could not believe his eyes: “Ella, LOOK THERE’S A BRONTOSAURUS!!?!” and 5 seconds later: “…it’s a machine, right?” (he looked so disappointed it almost broke my heart). I was trying to cheer him up but he adjusted very quickly.


We were basically walking through the whole thing and discussing, how the employees were able to make the machines look and move like real dinosaurs (which seemed to be more interesting to both of us, let’s be real here!) I think the thing that scared my hostkid the most was the Velociraptor show. A person in a costume was running up and down in a cage and the kids could get close and pretend to tame the dino. My hostboy was bravingly hiding behind my leg for most of the time! 😉

My favourite part was, when we were allowed to go in a special room to meet the tyrant lizard king: T-Rex in ‘person’ – or in ‘dino’ … sorry for the bad joke (Seokjin would be proud of me :P). So arriving in a big dark room with a sign that basically screams ‘danger’ at you (the sound effects were no joke) was thrilling to me – in a good way. I really do respect the hard work and effort all the engineers put in this to make it look realistic. I had so much fun seeing my hostboy in disbelief and excitement for most of the time – he took a lot of pictures.


All in all we had a great experience in the Franklin Museum – the staff was really nice. I would recommend the exhibition for Au-Pairs/Parents that enjoy the prehistoric times as much as the two of us did.

~ Peace out!



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