I’m Core.anella: a lovely young Millenial with an ongoing life crisis. I would be happy, if we could figure out the answer to living well together!
So please take your time to enjoy the stuff I put on here and click your way through all the topics.
Also I spent a lot of time editing, so it would be great to have someone appreciate that…

There are two words that will open many doors in your life: push and pull.

~ Someone

About me


  • I am german
  • born and raised near the Baltic Sea
  • graduated High School in 2016
  • I lived in America for 13 months
  • currently studying Korean Language and Culture in the capital
  • I grew up bilingual, my mom’s an English teacher so we spoke a lot of English in my household
  • I had a lot of pets growing up, so I am an animal lover
  • I am really into Open-World-Games
  • I am a music “nerd”, I cannot live a day without music
  • I do procrastinate, but feel really bad about it
  • I always feel exhausted, no matter how much I rest
  • I do not like people, but I get along, if I have to
  • I am into photography and drawing (and more …)
  • people used to tell me that  look arrogant or cold, but it’s really the opposite, once you get to know me better


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